More about Caleb

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. Not too much to it, and honestly, if you are here, you already know a good bit about me! In case you’re new to me and my work, here’s a little bit about me.

My background:

I often get asked how I got my skills in singing and why I decided to start singing. Simple answer: my mother made me go to children’s choir at church. I got a solo as a kid, was told I sang it well and decided to keep singing. When Rockband came out, my brother and Dad spent hours playing on it, and I would sing a lot! As far as singing on YouTube, that  began with a gag type of channel my brother and I created called Crazybros, where we put up really dopey and sometimes flat out stupid videos, but we had fun. We put up some videos of us singing and even some fandubs of my favorite anime at the time, Tora Dora. I also am in a band called “From the Dark” and I would put up our live shows. Soon, I began singing more often for not just band and choir, but in my free time. So much so, I created a new channel – CalebsCovers. I only created a second channel to separate my singing content from all the other silly stuff I did.

The beginning of my YouTube Career:

I had seen Frozen mid-December, after being apprehensive about how good it would be, my girlfriend (now wife) at the time, decided to give it a chance at matinee price. Like many, I was enchanted by “Let It Go,” and I decided I would cover it. I had covered a lot of my songs via Rockband, and very few other covers I had at the time had official backing tracks, but I wanted this one to be good. I put in a bit more effort than normal with finding a good track and actually having some sort of visual interest. Funny enough, I had just celebrated my 1,000th subscriber and thought that was a big deal. Hardly a week later, I posted this cover and the rest is history.

My cover was shared many times by friends and family and I rapidly got over 1,000 views in a few hours which none of my work on the channel had any sort of viewership. Soon, other big sites like 9gag,, and even pop-culture sites were featuring it in top lists of Let It Go covers. Before I knew it I was getting messages from all over the world and I quickly got to over 10,000 subscribers in a couple of weeks along with over 1 million views on Let It Go in less than two.

The YouTube Journey So far:

Since my “career” began with Let It Go, I have awkwardly navigated the do’s and don’t’s of running a successful YouTube channel. Even now, 4 years later and 650k subscribers, I still question and second guess almost every move I make. With all that said, I love it. I truly do. I am beyond blessed with an absolutely great support team – my wife, family, and friends – all have rooted for me and have helped me along the way. As of late 2015 I began touring to conventions (mostly anime) and performing live and hosting panels as a guest. This has to be my favorite part of the job thus far. It is so exciting to meet face to face with so many beautiful and wonderful people. It keeps me humble.

What’s next:

There are no long term “goals” other than to keep doing this as long as I can. I am honestly a very pragmatic person. I don’t “dream” a lot, which may sound sad, but I don’t like letting my expectations of the future get the best of me and leave me feeling disappointed. Maybe that’s a flaw, but if I were to have a “dream” it would be to have a facility that was able to cater to those with creative interests – music, art, writing, even cooking if I could manage it. The joke name my wife and I have for it is “Megastudio” – all arts in 1 place. I know that the Art Institute exists, but it is expensive and I would love to have a place that wasn’t necessarily a university, but rather a training ground with mentor-ship programs that helped aspiring artists flex their muscles and collaborate. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but if I make millions, that is the first thing I would do.