Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most FAQs:

  1. How old are you? My birthday is 0ctober 14, 1991 – simple math 😉
  2. Where are you from? Montgomery, Alabama!
  3. What is your ethnicity? I’m a mut – 31% Irish, 26% Eastern Asian, and then a weird mix of Iberian, Pacific Islander, Great Britain, and trace amounts of other Western European
  4. How long have you been on YouTube? Officially, since 2009 with my brother and I with our channel Crazybros, sadly gone – but my covers channel has been around since 2011.
  5. What is your favorite cover you have covered? It changes with the season, but at the moment, I still love my “Princess Lullaby” and “Bendy and the Ink Machine.”
  6. What’s your favorite music? I like a bit of everything, my favorite musicians are Motion City Soundtrack, Metallica, Taylor Swift, Marianas Trench, and Steven Curtis Chapman.
  7. Favorite movie? Where the Wild Things Are, The Babadook, and 5 CM Per Second – to name a few.
  8. Favorite video game? Shadow of the Colossus, Overwatch, and Halo
  9. Favorite anime?
  10. Favorite food? Pasta – pretty much any way it comes
  11. Favorite hobby? Video games, mainly ones that are CO-OP
  12. What would you be doing if not YouTube? Sports production, it’s what I did before YouTube and I probably would not have ventured to do much more outside that field, but glad to be in YouTube now 🙂

Have more questions? Let me know on twitter #AskCaleb and I’ll add them!

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