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ATTENTION!! :D #CoversForCalories begins THIS MONDAY!! I hope that everyone who can will participate in this exciting event. Below, I have posted the rules and outlined exactly how this thing is gonna go down ;) Read on to find out how to participate with me! Thank y'all again for your amazing support <3 Let's rock this \m/

#CoverForCalories RULES:

• At the beginning of each week (Monday) I will post a selection of four potential covers that YOU, the community, has selected.

• Each song will be prescribed a numerical value such as 20lbs, 30lbs, or 40lbs.

• Over a week’s time, the GOAL for us, COLLECTIVELY, is to lose/gain the amount of weight necessary to reach the numerical value of at least one of the covers prescribed values.

• Basically, if we ALL lose/gain a total of 40lbs, I will perform the song with the prescribed value of 40lbs! Here’s an example of how that will look:
o 20lbs – Motion City Soundtrack – Hold Me Down
o 30lbs – Sam Smith – I'm Not The Only One
o 40lbs – Sia – Chandelier

• How does this all work you ask?? Well, here are the rules!

• Post a picture of yourself (full body shot or head shot/selfie) holding up a sign that has written or printed on it the amount of weight you have lost or gained (depending on whether or not you are trying to lose or gain weight) over the past week.

• On each Sunday morning, I will call for all participants (including myself) to share these photos in a POST I will make on the FB fan page. For this FIRST Sunday, it would be amazing if everyone, who is comfortable, would post their current weight and what weight goal you want to reach by the end of this.

• I will tally up the numbers from everyone’s photos, and, depending on how much we all lost/gained together, I will perform whichever song value we reached! If we had reached a total of 40lbs lost/gained, I would perform Sia – Chandelier and put it up sometime during that week!

• Does that make sense?? :)

• IMPORTANT! This event will only work if we are honest with each other, and with ourselves!

• I encourage everyone to post to the fan page frequently with updates on your workout/dieting routines, and any progress you have made or possible roadblocks you are at. I want us to all support each other through this!

• If you have ANY questions AT ALL, feel free to post them below and I will be sure to answer them

• I cannot WAIT to get started and I hope that we can make this a successful event! – Caleb Hyles
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